Flexible Fiddling

Do you want happy and engaged students?

Flexible Fiddling is a kid-tested program that takes the guesswork away.  Everything is spelled out and kid-tested. Your students will love it.

Orchestra students learn how to play fiddle tunes authentically. Yet they won’t just learn the tunes.

They create bass lines, accompaniments, and play the melody. They tell their friends that orchestra is cool, making your job of recruitment and retention easier. They reach out to younger students and show them how to play the cool music they learned in orchestra.

And they have fun!

Boy playing violin

Each arrangement includes:

  • Lesson plans with links to teaching videos.
  • Student parts for Building Blocks and an Orchestra Arrangement
  • Parts are double-sided – One side has alpha noteheads to help the youngest students. The other side has standard music notation.
  • Conductor’s score of the Building Blocksᅠpage.
  • Conductor’s score of the Orchestra Arrangement.
  • Mp3 recordings of backing tracks to use in your classroom
  • Links to Strum Machine backing tracks that you can slow down or speed up to use in your classroom

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You’ll get the plans and the scores. And one student part. It will be enough for you to know if these arrangements will work for you.

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Click on each piece to learn more

Cover for Boil 'Em Cabbage Down
Cover for Old Joe Clark Orchestra Piece
Cover for Cripple Creek Orchestra Piece
I liked how it was very upbeat. I liked the mixture of instruments. It sounded really cool.
Lexi L.

Cover for Swallowtail Jig
Cover for Devil's Dream Orchestra Piece

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