Mrs Peters, the Concert tonight was fantastic. Everyone sounded great. You deserve a standing ovation, for your amazing job during these challenging times.
Ron K

I don’t know where to start. First off, I cannot believe you’ve been my teacher for 5 years! Over the course of these 5 years, I have learned so much. I never would have thought I could play the violin this good. When I was just starting in 4th grade. You are such a great teacher. When the Pandemic started my motivation to continue playing violin was at an all-time low. Ane we both know I skipped every Zoom call, but that doesn’t matter! Seeing your videos on YouTube inspired me to bet back into violin. From 4th grade to 8th I have made so many new friends and some great memories. For that, I am always grateful. Although sometimes I didn’t want to wake up early for Overture and I wanted to quit, I’m glad I didn’t. I have learned so much from you. You are the best orchestra teacher ever. I will miss being your student deeply.
Suha S.

Lincoln Orchestra
This year’s orchestra was really fun. I liked how I kept learning new things every day. Online was hard but it’s when I got used to reading the notes without writing the letters in. Thank you for making this year of orchestra fun and amazing!
Karla M

Last night I had the pleasure of attending my Kindergarten thru 8th grade music/orchestra teacher’s last concert before retirement this year. My class was unique in that we moved from elementary school to middle school at the same time that Mrs. Peters moved from teaching K-5 music class to teaching the middle school orchestra, so we were the class that got to have her consecutively every year from our kindergarten to 8th grade year. Jenny Bogert Peters, thank you so much for all your teaching, from learning to sing “America the Beautiful” in first grade, to playing xylophones and the recorder in elementary school, to teaching me how to play the violin, which I continued through high school. Thank you for taking me from “hot cross buns” on screeching strings like nails on a chalkboard in 4th grade, to gliding across the strings in the Brandenburg Concertos in 8th grade. Thank you for enriching my childhood and instilling a love of music in me and my classmates.
Amy S

I’ve had you as a teacher for 6 years. I can only think of one teacher I spent as much time with. In high school, around the time Covid hit, I had not much thought about the past few years. All I had was the lost opportunity of my school life being taken from my grasp. As I walked to graduate,ᅠ the graduation bag and opened the letter, I was your on that very letter. Seeing your name, the name of aᅠ teacher I haven’t seen for 4 years, was one of the most impactful moments for me. Especially after a year like that! I appreciate the time I spent with you!
Guy G

We’ve been through so much together and Covid 19 was really hard on us. But we all stood out strong and persevered because of the passion for music you have passed on to us. Thank you for teaching me to play 3 types of orchestra instruments. It was a great experience!ᅠ
Alexis C