The ukulele is affordable, accessible and fun. Its joy brings people together for fun times and memories. Anyone from age 8 to 88 can successfully learn the ukulele.

It’s no surprise that the popularity of the ukulele is growing rapidly. It is now ‘cool’ to play the ukulele. But what’s interesting that the ukulele is that it is wonderful for all ages. Seems it’s never too early or too late to start playing the uke. These and many other reasons would explain why everyone loves the ukulele.


Kids instantly fall in love with this tiny instrument. A seven-year-old child can easily hold a soprano ukulele. They won’t have to strain their hands. It is easy to carry anywhere.

The ukulele is also an ideal instrument for kids to start to develop their music skills and learn music theory. If you haven’t already, think about trying ukulele for your child. You won’t regret it!

“My son loves the ukulele. I heard him playing in bed last night! He also loves your online ukulele courses!! Thanks for entertaining him and teaching him something new! He has made more musical progress on the ukulele in a few days than he has in months and months of trying other things. Thank you for giving him such joy.” Kimberly


Teenagers are also embracing the ukulele. One main reason is that it makes them look ‘cool.’ Ukuleles come in sleek designs that appeal to teens. And besides making them look good, the ukulele offers teens a quick way to learn a musical instrument.

Everything about learning the ukulele is easier than other instruments – from tuning to playing. The ukulele’s friendly nature ensures that teens’ interest is maintained long enough for them to learn how to play it well. By then it is so fun they can’t get enough of it. The ukulele, and music in general, helps develop teen minds. It’s a worthwhile change of pace from activities like television and video games.


Many adults are trying to learn along with their students. They see how much fun it is and they want to try it. It’s a great instrument to play with others, especially family members!

A few weeks ago I bought three ukuleles for my granddaughters and myself. I was looking for something that I could do when I visit them. Learning to play an instrument will help them to develop stronger focus, and will give them a new skill. It will also create a lot of fun memories. Nancy Stary

The Elderly

The final group of the ukulele fan base is the elderly. For many, old age is about calm and serenity. It’s about taking life easy and learning at a comfortable relaxed pace. The ukulele provides an excellent chance to learn a new musical instrument without too much effort.