Am I too Old?



In my teaching, I hear this a lot. And my answer is, it is never too late to learn an instrument. Research shows that playing an instrument increases memory and brain flexibility in older adults. So, go for it.



Children and Instruments



Children have fewer ingrained habits. Their bodies are flexible. That makes it easier to learn the positions required for string instruments. Children seldom complain about the positioning of a violin on the left shoulder. And they can use their pinky finger to play notes. Sometimes adults struggle with these things.



Children can be patient with awful sounds. One mother told me she knew her daughter had improved at the violin because she no longer sounded like a “dying cat.” And another parent told me her entire neighborhood had taken up the clarinet. They were playing their instruments outside! She was glad her son had started the cello because that sound was much more soothing!



Advantages for Adults



Adults know how to learn. Adults know that when they start something new, they’ll have to repeat it many times until they sound good. They know that they’ll need to train their brains, their minds, and their muscles when they start something new. If they value what they are doing, they know how to focus on the time needed for mastery.



Adults can learn from children’s enthusiasm. They can apply these ideas to music learning for themselves. An adult can approach the idea of learning a musical instrument with a child’s enthusiasm and an adult’s knowledge. Such a combination can be unbeatable.



Cultivate a Beginner’s Mind



Great spiritual teachers tell us to approach life with a “beginner’s mind.” And to live in the now. These attitudes can make learning a musical instrument as an adult an adventure. As a teacher, I look forward to the process. The greatest journeys all begin with one step. Why not step into music learning now?


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