Music has a way of bringing people together. It reveals hidden truths and unspoken emotions. My family surprised Grandma at her 90th birthday by playing a Mozart string quartet. The adult children and grandchildren dusted off their instruments to play. The sound of the violins, viola, and cello filled the room with love and nostalgia. It was a moment we’ll never forget. A reminder that no matter how old we get, family music will always be in tune.

When you sign your children up for music lessons or rent an instrument, you want a lifelong love of music. You hope your children’s teachers will guide them to the joy and love of playing music. If you want that for your family, choose fine teachers with this goal.

We had that in our family. It was a lot of work when they were little. Yet now it is a blessing. Enjoy us playing the Mozart String Quartet at Grandma’s house! #familylove #90thbirthday #togetherforever #music #mozart #chicago 🎶❤️